Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is a former airforce station that produced government movies. These movies included photographic documentation of airforce facilities, production of scientific films, technical films, training films.

Stars that have made films in this facility include; Jimmy Stewart, Walter Cronkite, Glen Ford, and Bob Hope.

On May 13, 2021, Steven D Kelley interviewed Trevor Karney, former star of the MTV show ” Pimp My Ride”. Trevor also maintained the cars of Aileen Getty, J Paul Getty’s daughter.

He was asked to go to Look Out Mountain which at the time was owned by John Ladner, former judge in LA Superior Court. John Ladner was Aileen Getty’s business manager.

Trevor describes the house with Black and White Checker Floors, a Greek style hot tub, a place that looked like a human holding cell, a theater with speakers, a stage and cameras. He stated that in once of his visits to this facility he saw a young adolescent boy who looked out of place in this facility. Upon researching this facility he found that it had been used for MK Ultra Program. There was suspicion that the facility may also be used to produce ” Snuff Films”.

Steven stated that a straight line can drawn from Lookout Mountain to the Getty Center, indicating that there may be a connection to the two places through an underground tunnel system. This facility also demonstrates a government connection to the Getty Center.

The facility is currently owned by Actor / Musician Jared Leto. He was in a band called 30 seconds to Mars. Some of the features of this facility that were descibed by Trevor Karney can be seen on the picture to the left.

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