Steven D. Kelley

Steven D Kelley is an Optics engineer ,laser pioneer and inventor who created Laser weapon systems for military use.
He was contracted through the NSA , CIA and other government agencies to provide high precision laser technology through his company SK industries.
Through his work, he was made aware of the multilevel under ground systems of tunnels and bunkers that exist under the Getty Museum.
He had devoted the last few years of his life of making people aware of this “City under the Getty “as a hub of child trafficking, a system of tunnels that connect this site to Deep Underground Military Bases, a place of advance technology and a place for the global elite to retreat to in case of a global apocalypse.
Below is a written and audio version of his book Lasers, Cavers and Magic

Lasers, Cavers & Magic by Steven D Kelley (8).pdf

Lasers, Cavers & Magic – YouTube

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