Shadow Government and Mount Pony

Originally posted on Svali Speaks!:
While the news media feigns surprise and continues to report on the “Shadow Government” deployed outside of Washington to run things in the event of an attack, we who have written about this “Shadow Government” know that this is nothing new. I have to believe there is some purpose to…

Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is a former airforce station that produced government movies. These movies included photographic documentation of airforce facilities, production of scientific films, technical films, training films. Stars that have made films in this facility include; Jimmy Stewart, Walter Cronkite, Glen Ford, and Bob Hope. On May 13, 2021, Steven D Kelley interviewed Trevor Karney, … More Lookout Mountain

Who is Steven D. Kelley?

STEVEN D. KELLEY Steven D. KELLEY was Born a twin in 1958 to a former CIA/State Dept. agent, Steven was groomed to gain the technical, and spiritual training, that was part of the planned programming scheduled. After a career as a jeweler, and a precision optical engineer, Steven became a laser pioneer, creating the world’s smallest … More Who is Steven D. Kelley?

What is Occupy the Getty?

OCCUPY THE GETTY is a mission to expose information on and gain access to the systems of underground bunkers and tunnels  under the Getty Museum. Underneath the USA there are over 200 Deep Under Ground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.s). These bases are connected to each other by a system of trains that use Magnetic Levitation and … More What is Occupy the Getty?

In this interview Steven D. Kelley discusses his Association with Billy Meier.

Below is an excerpt from this broadcast in Ohio Exopolitics. Steven D Kelley Bio: Steven was born and raised in southern California. He started a career in the precision electro optics field during the advent of the laser. He rose from optics manufacturing technician to manager of quality control, engineering, and production control. During this … More In this interview Steven D. Kelley discusses his Association with Billy Meier.


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