Pictures of Deep Underground Military Bases


Multiple interconnected tunnels exist under the surface of the earth the connect to Deep one mile beneath the surface of the earth. They connect to each other through a system of trains that use Magnetic levitation and vacuum technology to travel to speeds of Mock 2

. Phil Schneider is a structural engineer worked on the construction of the D.U.M.B.s. He discusses the details of the formation of the dumbs, tunnels and trains. Below is the last lecture he gave before he was killed.

Below is a link to a book Recommended by Phil Schneider called Bases and Tunnels-What is the governement trying to hide by Richard Sauder.This book contains patents for Tunnel Boring Machines, maps by the Army Corps of Engineers of sites for dumbs.

Sauder – Underground Bases and Tunnels – What is the Government Trying to Hide (1995).pdf (

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