Bill Cooper, Phil Schneider and Steven D Kelley : Three Whistleblowers who revealed details of the New World Order Agenda.

Bill Cooper,former US Naval Intelligence, revealed hidden information from the public. This information includes secret Societies and secret government , the assassination of JFK the War on Drugs . He wrote a book called Behold a Pale Horse.

Phil Schneider was a structural engineer who worked in Deep Under Ground Military Bases and tunnels that were being constructed between these bases. He gave lectures regarding this topic.

Steven D Kelley was a laser pioneer and inventor. He developed weapon systems that included laser technology. His company SK industries had government contracts with the CIA and NSA. He met with the trust fund manager of the Getty Museum. In this meeting he was informed about multiple levels tunnels and Bunkers that exist under the Getty Museum. Along with being a hub of child trafficking these bunkers contain artwork from around the world, weapons and luxurious bunkers for the worlds elite.

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