The Templars

Steven D Kelley in his book, Lasers Cavers and Magic, states that he met with a Trust Fund Manager for the Getty Museum. This manager was initiated into the order of Templars when he received this position.

The Templars were soldiers during the time of the Crusades who defended Christians who made pilgrimages to Jerusalem .
The Templars amassed great wealth by establishing an international banking system. They developed checks and obtained money by charging a transaction fee.
They were also said to have obtained relics from Jesus including a piece of his cross, his crown of thorns and the Shroud of Turin. It is theorized that these relics may have come
from the caverns under Temple Mount in Jerusalem .

The Temple Mount was the location of their head quarters. This was the location of Solomon’s Temple. The name “Templar” comes from their association with this Temple.
In October 13,1307 (Friday 13),the Templars were arrested and accused of heresy. A Vatican document called the Chinon Parchment, revealed sworn confessions by the Templars.
These confessions included :
1) Denouncing Christ
2) Encouraging homosexuality
3) Engaging in initiation rituals which included the worshiping of an embalmed severed head , believed to be the head of John the Baptist.
The wealth of the Templars was never found once they were disbanded.
Groups of present day Templar Organizations include
1) OSMTH- the Nights Templar registered in Switzerland .
2) The Grand Priori Knights Templar in England and Wales.
3) The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Nights Templar of St John, Jerusalem and Malta.
4) The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem .
References to the information can be found in the links below.

The Knights Templar today – who and where are they?

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