Remote Viewing Under The Getty Museum

Much of the information gathered regarding the details about the areas under the Getty Museum has peen obtained through the use of remote viewers.Remote viewing is the ability , by trained psychics, to describe impressions, form and structure of a target location by mental means. (Daz Smith-website Remote Viewed, SRI Quarterly Progress Report 1979).The difference between traditional psychic techniques and remote viewing is that it is done with a set of scientific protocols or rules. These rules include 1) The viewing is planned , done on purpose, not spontaneous.2) Remote viewing Data is recorded in some format.3) A psychic can not know the target, no one else who is present with the psychic can know the target either.Remote viewing is said to target the collective unconscious mind. Skills are mastered such as scribbling ( burst transmission). After the remote viewing session analysis of the data generated by the remote viewing session is performed.For 100% correct identification of an object person or structure to be obtained  2 or more trained remote viewers must be viewing the same item.The CIA began investigating the use of remote viewing around 1972. Interest in this subject began as the result of the discovery that the Czechs, Chinese,Soviets and Germans were using this type of psychic activity to gather information. It is thought that the Russians captured documents from the “Nazi Occult Bureau” CIA projects associated with remote viewing include1) Stargate2) Grill Flame3) Sun Streak.


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