Luxurious Bunkers Under The Getty For the Elite

There are many articles and pictures of underground bunkers that the Global Elite have built should a doomsday scenario occur on the earth’s surface.

According to Steven D Kelley, former CIA/NSA contractor, there exists a huge underground city where people are living under the Getty museum in Los Angeles. Steven’s twin brother Norman, had toured some areas under the Getty Museum. He saw a room that was full of weapons. He noticed that the elevator door was built to withstand a nuclear blast.
A psychic that was highly skilled at remote viewing gave detailed information on the lay out under the Getty museum.

The link below contains declassified CIA documents regarding remote viewing.
Below is an excerpt from Steven D Kelley’s book Lasers Cavers and Magic:

Now Norman had a friend who lived back east who was some sort of eastern European blue blood. Her name was Bora and she lived in a great big mansion, had a lot of money and was a gifted psychic. Bora was also very skilled at remote viewing which is the process where a psychic can travel or use astral projection to visit any location and observe what is there. This is well documented as something done by the CIA to gather information on enemies and was illustrated recently in the movie, “The men who stare at goats”. There is a great book on remote viewing written by Joe Moneagle titled, “Mind Trek”. In his book Joe talks about his experiences working for the Government seventeen plus years on the secret Star Gate program where psychics such as Joe used remote viewing skills to gather intelligence. Bora was asked to use her skill to visit the Getty and explore beneath the museum. Bora came to California and went to the museum. That night she went back to my brother’s home and used remote viewing to return to the Getty a travel deep below the building on top of the Santa Monica Mountains. What she reported afterwards would scare the hell out of us and create a moment of fear that we would be killed for sure.

Bora said that the elevator my brother had seen went down several miles. It did not use cables but some form of advanced magnetic drive to go up and down. The first level she reached housed two hundred psychics that she said were Nazis who were there for the purpose of defeating incursions by other psychics attempting to probe below them, apparently they failed. She said that below this were several levels of construction that consisted of large tunnels that radiated from a central hub like spokes on a wheel. Inside of these tunnels where living areas and support facilities like you would need for a city. People were living there. She said that everything was extremely luxurious with large amounts of art work, fine marble and gold fixtures. She said there appeared to be additional entrances to this underground city that led up to private homes in the area near the museum. She reported that the lighting and power used in this city seemed to be of some advanced technology unavailable to us on the surface. Bora also described a transport that was like a train that moved at super speed in two directions from this complex. One direction went out to sea and traveling underground and would emerge at a similar base located under Santa Catalina Island, where there was access to a submarine pen. The other direction went on to an additional underground complex beneath the China lake military base and from there to more bases such as Area 51 and beyond.

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