The Getty Center is made up is made up of 1.2 million square feet of Italian Travertine

The construction of the Getty Center involved the shipment 16,000 tons of Travertine from Bagni Tivoli Italy ( 15 miles north of Rome).

Travertine is a type of Lime Stone which is formed by the rapid calcification of Calcium Carbonate. Much of it is formed in mineral hot springs. It is made from sedimentary rocks and minerals.

This material is able to withstand extreme temperatures. It is able to survive many years of the freeze/ thaw cycle.

It’s PSI( parts per square inch )strength is very high. Travertine has 2-3 times the strength of concrete.

Ancient Roman structures, the most famous of which is the Colosseum,was made from Travertine.

The Shroud of Turin was found to have particulates of Travertine. This discovery was made by two researchers At the Enrico Fermí Institute at the University of Chicago.

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