High Speed Tube Trains connect Deep Underground Military Bases

Steven D Kelley and Phil Schneider have come forward with information regarding high speed antigravity trains that connect the USA’s Deep Under Ground Military Bases.

Phil Schneider, geological and structural engineer for military applications, states that as of 1995 there were 132 Deep military bases under the USA.

He States that the bases comprise cities underground that are connected with a high speed monorail system. The average depth of these cities from the surface of the earth is one mile.

Steven D Kelley, former CIA/NSA contractor states that multiple tube trains exist from the Getty Museum in LA which connect to bases such as Edwards Air Force and Catalina Island https://youtu.be/3a6CVlTAihs.

He states that tube trains radiate from a central structure, like “ spokes on the wheel of a bicycle..

Mosts D.U.M.Bs are built by the military. The Getty is the only non- military installation . It has an easier access point since it is a facility that is open to the public. It was noted by Steven D Kelley that inside the Getty museum there is an elevator can reach the under ground city like area under the museum. This elevator is large enough to fit a tank. Its door was built to withstand a nuclear blast.

In 1972, a document was produced that described the technology needed to construct these high velocity trains.

Air is evacuated in segments as the train passes through each vapor locked section.These trains can reach speeds of over 10,000 MPH. The Rand document refers to these trains as a Very High Speed Transit System. ( VHTS).

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