Are Children Being trafficked to the Getty Center from the Phillippines?

The incidence of child trafficking is extremely high in Manilla because of extreme poverty and naturally occurring disasters.

Estimates of up to 100,000 thousandchildren are forced into child trafficking rings.

Accorrding to former CIA/NSA contractor
Steven D Kelley, Ferdinand Marcos would send 10 year old children to JP Getty in shipping containers. Shipping containers that claim to contain art by law do not need to be inspected. Children used for exploitation are considered to be a natural resource in the Philippines that can be exchanged for commodities.

In the link below Steven D Kelley discusses his personal experiences in the CIA and child trafficking.


It is a 35 minute drive from the Port of Long Beach to the Getty Center. Could the children from the
Phillippines and other parts of the world arrive from this port?

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