Could the gold from the Getty be taken from Scotland to distant locations via an elaborate underground tunnel system?

A system of interconnected tunnels exist from Northern Scotland to Turkey.

Steven D Kelley stated on 10/27/2020 that the gold that was being stored under the Getty Museum had been transported to England and would eventually be moved to Northern Scotland.

According to archeologists there are thousands of underground tunnels that can be found everywhere across Europe. These tunnels are believed to be at least 12,000 years old. They predate the flood of Noah’s ark. Small tunnels, chambers and storage areas have been found. Some tunnel have entrances in ancient structures such as the Acropolis in Greece and the pyramids in Bosnia. In Turkey two underground cities have been excavated.

It is felt that these tunnels may have been used as ancient highways to transport people and commodities from various regions in Europe

While not all of the tunnels link up they form a massive underground network.

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