What is Occupy the Getty?

OCCUPY THE GETTY is a mission to expose information on and gain access to the systems of underground bunkers and tunnels  under the Getty Museum. Underneath the USA there are over 200 Deep Under Ground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.s). These bases are connected to each other by a system of trains that use Magnetic Levitation and Vacuum Technology to reach very high speeds. . The funds to finance this system comes from US tax dollars, and has contribute to the massive US deficit. This underground system servers as a modern day “Noah’s Ark” when planned catastrophic events occur on the surface of the earth. Steven D. Kelley, a former CIA/NSA contractor, was informed of the areas under the Getty Museum by its Trust Fund Manager. He has devoted the last few years of his life to bringing this information to light.

Steven D. Kelley is a laser optics engineer, laser pioneer and inventor who created laser weapons systems for military use. He was contracted by the CIA, NSA, and other government agencies to provide high precision laser technology through his company SK industries. Through his work he was made aware of multilevel underground systems of tunnels and bunkers that exist under the Getty Museum. He has devoted the last few years of his life making people aware of this ” City Under the Getty”.

Below is a copy of his book “Lasers, Cavers and Magic” in Audio format .


Written version of Steven D. Kelley’s book:

Lasers, Cavers & Magic by Steven D Kelley[1175].pdf

One thought on “What is Occupy the Getty?

  1. Hi!
    I live in Croatien, Europa.
    I’am 50 now
    and I’am father of 4 children.
    How can I help you, and all children and people of the world (becouse of all things happened now)?
    Greate regard!

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