Who is Steven D. Kelley?


Steven D. KELLEY was Born a twin in 1958 to a former CIA/State Dept. agent, Steven was groomed to gain the technical, and spiritual training, that was part of the planned programming scheduled.

After a career as a jeweler, and a precision optical engineer, Steven became a laser pioneer, creating the world’s smallest laser aiming system, dominating the world solid state laser module production through a contract with the NSA Oliver North Gang, would lead to the formation of S.K. Industries, laser aiming systems, who would produce the LAW-17 laser aiming system, designed for, and used by western special groups for anti-terrorism. The Law-17 laser is still to this day the most accurate laser aiming system ever produced. The same laser was a standard spec component for every Satellite due to its small size and stability.

After falling out with the CIA/NSA, Steven became exposed to Billy Meier, and his Pleadian contacts.  This exposure, and Stevens experience in micro photo lithography, connected to his experience with Silver electro forming, led to discoveries that eventually were used to provide special components to the University of Colorado for experiments in speed of light propulsion, or beam ship construction.

Incidents involving MIB over my lab, and attempts to recruit Steven into Area 51, and other handlers who failed led to an encounter with a soon to be trust fund manager of the Getty foundation. With my briefing, and his disclosures, we were compelled to investigate what was under the Getty museum on top of Santa Monica Mountain. What we discovered, and the reaction of the Cavers that operate in that bunker confirmed horrors we could never believe.

Steven was recruited to “save the world” by these Getty cavers by developing weapons to battle alleged alien invaders. This led to the realization that it would only be through use of our brains, and our psychic gifts that we could ever defeat a malevolent advanced enemy. This caused the shift into total focus on developing psychic gifts, and the creation of a group of psychic talent large enough to challenge the Nazi psychics encountered under the Getty fortress many years ago.

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